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Our Services

Power of Love Ministry is committed to serving the wider community, and offers a number of services designed to help believers strengthen their connection with Christ. You need not be a member of our church to request our help; simply contact our church office to discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and help you make the right arrangements. 


Have you decided to follow Jesus? Becoming a born-again believer is quite literally a life-changing decision, and we’re so happy to help you on your new path! If you’re ready to take the next step on your faith journey, it’s time to officially claim your salvation and be born anew with a water baptism. Contact our church office or send us a message to book your special appointment with Christ.


Children have a special place in Jesus’ heart, and nothing pleases Him more than to see tiny believers growing according to His plan. It would be an honour for us to help you welcome your little one into His Kingdom. Contact us by phone to arrange your child’s dedication service, or send us a message requesting a date with your child’s full name, as well as the names of both parents and godparents.


Congratulations on your decision to get married! Power of Love can help you in all aspects of your big day; from pre-marital counselling, to officiating the ceremony, and even converting our venue to host and cater your reception. Contact our church office to get started!


Making arrangements to say goodbye to a loved one is perhaps one of the hardest things a person can face. Power of Love offers funeral officiating services to ensure that your loved one is sent off with dignity, humility and love. Contact us today to book this service.


Life can get tough. The power of prayer is an undeniable force, and we serve a mighty God, for whom nothing is impossible. Whatever you’re facing, count on us to stand with you in your petition for His help.  Power of Love also offers counselling services for guidance in coping with life’s difficult challenges. Contact us via our contact page for a prayer request, or call the church office to book a counselling session.

20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20


God protects us at all times, and does so especially when we willingly place ourselves in His hands.  We spend much of our time either in our homes or vehicles, so it makes sense to cover them with a blanket of prayer to ensure our continued safety.  Contact Power of Love today to arrange a home or vehicle blessing.

Power of Love's Class for New Converts

Our new converts class is designed to teach those new to the faith about Jesus, as well as how to study the bible. Together, we examine the Scriptures  for a deeper understanding of God’s Word, and explore the truth of our purpose as Christians and what it means to be saved. Here, questions are encouraged and welcomed, as we all continue to grow in the spirit. Class is held every first and third Sunday after morning service. Contact our church office to register and begin your walk with Christ.

How Can We Help?

Need a service? Contact our church office online by sending us a message via the Contact Us button, or give us a call at (416)677-1010 to discuss.