Prayer and Fasting

When it comes to prayer and fasting, the first thought that might occur to you is the challenge of voluntarily having to go without food. Why would anyone do that to themselves? The real purpose of fasting, however, is to take a break from dwelling on the things of this world, and to train our minds on God. It is not a means of punishing our bodies; rather it is meant to help us develop a sense of humility and a deeper relationship with the Father. When we allow everyday issues to fade into the background and place ourselves in a state of grace through prayer and biblical fasting, Christ comes into focus.


During this time, when we approach God with a request that aligns with His will, we often experience a powerful breakthrough. Throughout Scriptures, evidence of such remarkable results is seen with Daniel, Moses, and Jesus, who turned to fasting when they needed God to deliver on a grand scale. If you’re struggling with an issue, and the burden is too heavy to carry, bring it to the Lord and leave it with Him during a period of prayer and fasting. Deep spiritual need, however, is not the only time when this particular connection with God is helpful. Taking a little time out of our lives to dedicate a small period to prayer and fasting helps us become more attuned to hearing God’s voice, discover weaknesses of sin that we’ve hidden from ourselves, and teaches us to pray with the right motives. In short, prayer and fasting builds our faith.

Power of Love meets for Prayer and Fasting sessions every last Saturday of the month from 8:30am-10:00am.