Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We, the people of God seek to serve the church and our community through preaching, teaching, evangelism, fellowship and ministry, enabling them to become effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We seek to build a strong and growing body of sincere believers who remain true to the Gospel. We will continue to reach out to all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will dedicate ourselves to the mission of  loving others and guiding them in their walk with Christ. We strive for humility, faithfulness and gratitude in managing all we have been given for the glory of God.

Our Core Values

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God First

God is foremost in our hearts, and honoring Him in all aspects of life through worship, prayer and service to others is our greatest privilege. 

Growing In Christ

In everything we do, our guiding principle is the commitment we have made to be like Jesus and follow in His footsteps throughout our lives.

Love Above All

Love is the essence of God, and He has charged us with a mission to love each other and share the gospel. Expressing kindness, love and acceptance to all God’s children while spreading God’s Holy Word is our continued goal.

Service to Others

The highest possible expression of gratitude to God is to serve others; both those in need, and those who we may not always deem deserving. This is the purest form of love and evangelism, as we show others what it means to be Christian by our actions and not just our words.

Prayer & Faith

Prayer is as vital to our lives as breathing; it is the best way to seek God and strengthen our relationship with Him. In so doing, we also increase our faith and our belief that we serve a God of great miracles who can do the impossible.


The blood of Jesus saves and unites us all. By connecting with the lost and unchurched and preaching and teaching those just beginning their journey as believers, we aim to fulfil God's greatest wish for his children by building a community based on faith, love and worship.