A Special Message From Bishop Shand

Dear Brethren,

For the past fifteen years I have been honoured to be your Head Pastor here at Power of Love Ministry, and during that time, we have grown in strength and in numbers, both as a family and as children of Christ.

I have been privileged to serve at your weddings, to perform your baptisms and the funerals of your loved ones, to worship, pray, laugh and cry with you, and to be a part of so many church functions in the Ministry we’ve built together. I deeply treasure all of the heartfelt one on one conversations I’ve held privately with you in my office and most of all, sharing God’s Word with you all at the front of the church.

Whenever Pastor’s Appreciation Day approaches, as it does now, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful congregation. I continue to be amazed by your compassion, generosity and your willingness to serve. I can only hope that I inspire you as much as you inspire me each day.

Every year, I am touched by the great lengths to which you go to purchase a gift to commemorate this occasion, but this time, on September 22, 2019, I humbly ask that Pastor’s Appreciation Day remain simple; with just a love offering of $100.00 from each of my beloved members.

I’d like to personally thank you for all that you do. Continue to shine and teach the world about what it means to love and be loved as Jesus commanded. As your Pastor, I hold you close to my heart, always.

You make Power of Love Ministry possible.

Rev. Dr. Daphne Shand