Free Food For Families In Need

About Our Outreach Initiative

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are far-reaching, and many families have found themselves struggling financially.  In partnership with Food Rescue, a project of Second Harvest Food Bank, Power of Love has launched an outreach initiative to provide access to free food to those in need. If you or your family are worried about where your next meal might come from, we’re here to help.

About Food Rescue is a platform created by Second Harvest, Canada’s largest food rescue organization, connecting local food donors  with social service programs, non-profits and charities. Over 1,000 businesses donate excess or unsold food for distribution via this project, making it possible for organizations like us to make a greater impact within our community. Click the image below to learn more about Food Rescue and Second Harvest.

Getting Your Food Supplies

To be notified of our next available pick up date and time window, you may do one of the following:

• Follow us on Facebook
• Check the Next Pick Up Window section on this page of our website
• Sign up to receive pick up notifications by email

Once the date is announced, arrive in our parking lot at 700 Progress Ave, Unit 6 during the designated time window, and call (416) 677-1010 to let us know.  We’ll package your food supplies and bring them out to you for a curb-side pick-up.

Next Pick Up Window

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